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Columbia's Last Moments Documented on Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel examines Columbia's last moments with two world-premiere documentaries. The first, "Falling from Space: The Challenge of Re-entry," will air on Wednesday, June 25 at 9 p.m. EDT followed immediately by "Columbia's Final Mission: 16 Days."

In "Falling from Space," viewers will learn about the complex engineering challenges that make re-entry into the earth's atmosphere so dangerous. Scientists have labored for years to bring a crew safely home in what is essentially a meteorite, wrapped in a cocoon of fire, hurtling towards earth six times faster than the fastest bullet. Scientific experts from NASA explain the significance of Columbia's events as they unfolded, offer insights into what may have caused them and how those key events contributed to the shuttle’s ultimate destruction.

"16 Days" is a one-hour documentary featuring the sixteen days of science and discovery during the Space Shuttle Columbia's final mission. The program will focus on the crew's daily activities on-orbit as both astronauts and scientists. Through daily mission video and exclusive interviews with key ground personnel and archival interviews with the Columbia crew, viewers will experience the day-to-day events and achievements of the mission, and learn about each individual crewmember and what inspired them to go to space. For most of the crew, this mission represented their life’s work and their ultimate dreams.