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SR 904 Michael Anderson Highway

Astronaut Michael Anderson of the Columbia crew.

Columbia Astronaut Michael Anderson.

February 18, 2003: The Washington State Transportation Commission honored Lt. Col. Michael P. Anderson, one of the Columbia astronauts, by renaming State Route 904 after him. Anderson graduated from Cheney High School in 1977 and considered Spokane his home. The 20-mile stretch of highway forms a loop, connecting the community of Cheney with Interstate 90 at exit 257 and exit 270.

Dave Clinton, President of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce, who proposed the memorial highway to saw Michael Anderson as a role model for others. Noting the numerous letters of support after Columbia broke up upon re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere on February, Clinton remarked that Anderson "never stopped inspiring young people to be the best they could be.”

The Commission’s decision to move forward is backed by a joint resolution passed by the state government's House of Representatives to honor Anderson. The Senate is expected to take action on the House Joint Memorial soon. In the meantime, the Commission proceeded with the adoption of
its naming resolution.

For more information on the Washington State Transportation Commission, contact Chris Rose, Commission Administrator at 360-705-7070.

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