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 NASA Explores Earth and Space During AGU Press Conferences

NASA scientists reveal their most exciting findings of the year at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting, to be held at the Moscone Convention Center, in San Francisco, Dec. 13-17, 2004.

Scientists from various NASA centers around the country will be joined by NASA-funded researchers from universities, other federal agencies and organizations to reveal new findings from the depths of space to the inner workings of the Earth. Follow these links to read more on the stories being presented.

Relationships Between Climate Change, Trees, and Insects

Insect control and tree planting could greatly affect Earth's greenhouse gases, according to NASA scientists.
Press Conference: 12/13/04

Latest Findings From NASA's Durable Mars Rovers

NASA's twin Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, are exploring the Martian atmosphere, and how water shaped the landscape, targeting the "Endurance Crater" and "Columbia Hills."
Latest news from Mars Exploration Rover
Press Conference: 12/13/04

NASA's ICESat Mission: New Light on a Changing World

NASA's Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite's (ICESat) precise measurements of Earth's ice sheets, atmosphere, land masses and volcanoes provide a unique look at our planet.
Press Conference: 12/13/04

NASA Eyes Affects of a Giant 'Brown Cloud' Worldwide

Learn about a giant, smoggy 'brown cloud' that forms over the Indian Ocean and has intercontinental reach.
Press Conference: 12/14/04

NASA's Deep Impact Mission to Chase a Comet

The Deep Impact spacecraft is designed to launch a copper projectile into the surface of Comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005, when the comet is 83 million miles from Earth.
Press Conference: 12/14/04

Aura Sheds New Light on Air Pollution and the Ozone Hole

NASA's Aura satellite helps track sources of pollution that lead to better air quality forecasts. Aura also provides new insights into the physical and chemical processes that influence the health of stratospheric ozone.
Press Conference Link
Press Conference: 12/14/04

Reduction of Ice Cover at High Latitudes

Scientists present findings on dramatic changes to Arctic sea ice and warming, changing ice cover in high latitudes, glacier acceleration, and newly discovered relationships between ice sheets, sea level rise and climate warming.
Press Conference Link
Press Conference: 12/14/04

Earth's Safe Zone Became Hot Zone During Legendary Solar Storms

Space physics experts discuss the record-breaking solar storms in the fall of 2003 event and its important implications to all who want to develop the final frontier, from multi-billion dollar satellite corporations to spacewalking astronauts.
Press Conference Link
Press Conference: 12/15/04

Reforming Geoscience Education and Broadening Participation
Including: NASA Helps Visually Impaired Students Touch the Sun

"Touch the Sun" is the first book to present images of the Sun to blind and vision-impaired students. Author Noreen Grice will be on hand to discuss the book, which features images from NASA's SOHO and TRACE solar-observing spacecraft.
Press Conference: 12/15/04

NASA Tutorials Help Students Explore World's Oceans From Space

A new NASA data analysis tool called "Giovanni" allows students and researchers to access and analyze satellite-derived ocean color data using the Internet. Ocean color data provides students with information ocean biology and related processes.
Press Conference: 12/15/04

Cassini's One-Two Punch

This news briefing features the latest information on Cassini's flybys of Saturn's moons Titan on Dec. 13 and Dione on Dec. 15.
Press Conference: 12/16/04

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