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Print and Broadcast Images and Animations
Ozone Multimedia Gallery

+ Ozone images in Visible Earth Collection

+ Antarctic Ozone Sequence 1996 through 2004

+ Largest Antarctic Ozone Hole on Record

+ 2002 Split Ozone Hole

+ Earth's Atmosphere Layers: Global View

+ Earth's Atmospheric Layers

+ Artic Vortex

+ Polar Stratospheric Clouds

+ Ozone Loss in the Arctic

Ozone chemistry

+ Chemical Model Animation of O3 Losing an Oxygen Atom to a Radical

+ Chemical Model Animation of O3 Absorbing Low-energy UV

+ Chemical Model Animation of CFC's Releasing Chlorine to Form Reservoir Gases

+Chemical Model Animation of O2 being Broken Up and Reforming as O3

+ Ozone Layer Shielding Our Planet

Ozone Depleting Chemicals

+ Aura's Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS)- Measurements of Ozone Depleting Chemicals

+ Aura's (MLS)- Ozone

+ Aura's (MLS) Hydrochloric Acid

+ Aura's (MLS) Chlorine Monoxide

+ Aura's (MLS) Nitric dioxide

+ Aura's (MLS) Water Vapor

+ Aura's (MLS) Temperature

+ Aura/OMI Ozone Hole from September 12, 2004 to November 15, 2004 with Polar Vortex

Ozone missions

Aura Prelaunch
Goddard Tape Number G04-020
+ Full Video Rundown
+ Preview animations for this video

Aura First Light
Goddard Tape Number G04-064
+ Video Rundown
+ Preview images and animations associated with this release


Goddard Tape Number G99-025
+ Full Video Rundown

Goddard TV Number
(G02-090) + Full Video Rundown

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