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Moonbuggy Fact Sheet

Moonbuggy fact sheet

Get the facts about NASA's 20th annual Great Moonbuggy Race in Huntsville, Ala.

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NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race: Get the Latest

A team from Teodoro Aguilar Mora Vocational High School competes in the 2013 NASA Great Moonbuggy Race.

Winners Announced! 2013 NASA Great Moonbuggy Race

NASA has declared the winners of the 20th NASA Great Moonbuggy Race at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala.

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The team from the University of Alabama in Huntsville finish the 19th annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race with a completion time of 4 minutes and 3 seconds, earning first place in the college division of the race.

Moonbuggy Hails 20 Years of Inspiring Student Racers

On April 26-27 in Huntsville, Ala., the annual NASA Great Moonbuggy RaceĀ® will mark 20 years at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

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Students compete in the 2012 Great Moonbuggy Race.

The Winners! NASA's 19th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

NASA has crowned its vehicular engineering victors of the 19th annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race.

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A student teams races in the NASA Great Moonbuggy Race.

Students Ready to Compete in 2012 Great Moonbuggy Race

Approximately 100 global teams will compete at NASA's 19th Great Moonbuggy Race, April 13-14, at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala.

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Great Moonbuggy Race 2011

The Winners! NASA's 18th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race

NASA has announced the winners of the 18th annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race -- and it's Puerto Rico's year.

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Anatomy of a moonbuggy, the braking system

Anatomy of a Moonbuggy: Give It a Brake

See this? This is important. This keeps a moonbuggy advisor's heart rate down during hairpin turns and hair-raising obstacles.

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Anatomy of a moonbuggy

Anatomy of a Moonbuggy: Pedal to the Metal

Oh, SNAP! When it comes to the drivetrain, beware the "curse of the chains..."

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A Great Moonbuggy Race snafu

Anatomy of a Moonbuggy: The Suspension is Killing Me!

A good suspension system will take the punishment of the course so racers' backsides don't have to.

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Detail of a moonbuggy wheel

How to Get a 'Muscular' Moonbuggy

Teams will need to work their chassis off if they want a ripped moonbuggy with a strong core.

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The hands of a buggy-builder

Video: Inside the Great Moonbuggy Race

Have you got what it takes to build a better buggy? Get an inside look at the Great Moonbuggy Race.

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Flickr: The Face of the Race, 2013

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