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Much of the technology we rely on daily was developed by NASA for space exploration and then adapted or enhanced for use here on Earth. This includes many technologies used in schools, homes, cars, computers and industry.

Musician talks about how some of the agency's outstanding accomplishments in space are used to improve our life on Earth in a new public service announcement made available Wednesday on NASA Television and on the agency's website.

The artist concentrates on NASA technologies that help increase production of clean water, provides remote medical care and solar electricity for refrigeration, and space technology that keeps food fresh during its trip from field to market.

In addition to, singer Nora Jones and Astronaut Piers Sellers, along with characters from the holiday movie "Arthur Christmas," have appeared in recent videos informing audiences of how NASA Spinoffs benefit life here, today.

"NASA's technologies don't just go into space," said Daniel Lockney, program executive for technology transfer at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "They work for us here on Earth, solving everyday problems -- saving lives, creating jobs and making our lives better.

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