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"What is NASA, Alex?" New Trebek Video Promotes NASA in Your Life

WASHINGTON -- The king of quiz shows, Alex Trebek, is helping answer the question, "How does NASA affect our daily lives?" The host of the long-running syndicated program "Jeopardy" is featured in a new public service announcement released Wednesday.

In the video, Trebek points out that much of the technologies we rely on in our daily lives come from those developed by NASA for space exploration. The video will air on NASA Television and the agency's website.

The new video was announced by NASA Chief Technologist Mason Peck during a NASA-Cleveland "Adopt a City" manufacturing initiative event in Cleveland on May 23, 2012.

"It's an honor to add Alex Trebek to our list of space technology spinoff supporters. As NASA partners today with small manufacturers in Ohio to solve tough technical problems with their products, there's potential for NASA technology to help improve everything from better household fans to stronger ceramics for dentistry," said Peck. "NASA technologies work for us here on Earth, solving everyday problems -- saving lives, creating jobs and making our lives better."

With the new video, Trebek joins the ranks of celebrities such as musicians Will.i.am and Norah Jones, and comedian Stephen Colbert who have recently partnered with the agency to tell audiences how NASA-related technology, or spinoffs, benefit life today on Earth.