• MMS observatories in a clean room

    Working on Four Spacecraft Simultaneously

    01.24.13 - NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission clean room is buzzing with activity as engineers work on all four observatories at the same time.

  • Seasonal changes on Mars

    Thawing 'Dry Ice' Drives Groovy Action on Mars

    01.24.13 - Researchers using NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter see seasonal changes on far-northern Martian sand dunes caused by warming of a winter blanket of frozen carbon dioxide.

  • The Hi C recovering team poses for a photo with the payload.

    'Hi-C' Mission Sees Energy in the Sun's Corona

    01.23.13 - NASA optics engineering expertise is allowing solar scientists to see into the sun's corona in unprecedented detail.

  • MAHLI's first night imaging of Martian rock

    Mars Rover Curiosity Uses Arm Camera at Night

    01.24.13 - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has for the first time used the camera on its arm to take photos at night, illuminated by white lights and ultraviolet lights on the instrument.

  • This collage of solar images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) shows how observations of the sun in different wavelengths helps highlight different aspects of the sun's surface and atmosphere.

    Why NASA Observes the Sun in Different Wavelengths

    01.22.13 - Specialized instruments in ground-based and space-based solar telescopes, observe light far beyond the ranges visible to the naked eye. Different wavelengths convey information about different components of the sun.

  • 'Matijevic Hill' panorama

    NASA's Veteran Mars Rover Ready to Start 10th Year

    01.22.13 - Though NASA's newer Mars rover has been capturing more attention recently, durable Opportunity remains hard at work after nine years of roving on the Red Planet.

  • Layers with carbonate content inside McLaughlin Crater

    Martian Crater May Once Have Held Groundwater-Fed Lake

    01.20.13 - A NASA spacecraft is providing new evidence of a wet underground environment on Mars that adds to an increasingly complex picture of the Red Planet's early evolution.

  • Model of the Mars rover Curiosity

    Ms. Curiosity Goes to Washington

    01.18.13 - The people of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission have been named winners of a 2013 Space Foundation award for advancing exploration of space.

  • The fully integrated spacecraft and science instrument for IRIS mission is seen in a clean room.

    IRIS Spacecraft Is Fully Integrated

    01.18.13 - NASA's next Small Explorer mission, the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS), which will study the little-understood lower levels of the sun's atmosphere has been fully integrated and final testing is underway.

  • image of the Mona Lisa superimposed over a view of the moon

    NASA Beams Mona Lisa to the Moon

    01.17.13 - NASA beamed an image of the Mona Lisa to the LRO spacecraft as part of the first demo of laser communication with a satellite at the moon.