• technicians in bunny suits work on a large, black two-part solar panel reaching out toward the camera across a clean room

    MAVEN Begins Environmental Testing

    02.08.13 - MAVEN is assembled and is undergoing environmental testing at Lockheed Martin Space Systems facilities, near Denver.

  • Artist's concept of OSIRIS-REx near asteroid 1999 RQ36

    New NASA Mission to Help Us Better Estimate Asteroid Impact Hazard

    02.07.13 - According to NASA's Near Earth Object program, there are more than 1,300 potentially hazardous asteroids that have a very small chance of hitting us someday because their orbits come close to Earth's orbit. The main difficulty is obtaining sufficient observations to predict their orbits with enough certainty to find out if any of them might actually hit us at some point.

  • The second of two CMEs from the evening of Feb. 5, 2013, can be seen bursting away from the sun in the upper left hand side of this image, which was captured SOHO at 11:12pm EST.

    The Sun Produces Two CMEs

    02.07.13 - In the evening of Feb. 5, 2013, the sun erupted with two coronal mass ejections or CMEs that may glance near-Earth space.

  • Activity called the

    Preparatory Drill Test Performed on Mars

    02.07.13 - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has produced some rock powder with its drill as the last major test before the rover's first full drilling.

  • On Feb. 6, 2013, the VISIONS sounding rocket successfully launched.

    VISIONS: A Successful Launch

    02.07.13 - The principal investigator for VISIONS (VISualizing Ion Outflow via Neutral atom imaging during a Substorm), Goddard's Doug Rowland provided images and updates of the team preparations and the launch.

  • Orion nebula

    WISE Feels the Heat from Orion's Sword

    02.05.13 - The tangle of clouds and stars that lie in Orion's sword is showcased in a new, expansive view from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE.

  • The ribbon observed by the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) Mission is a narrow bright feature that spans much of the nighttime sky linking together the summer constellation of Cygnus, the swan, Aquila, the eagle, the center of the Milky Way galaxy, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

    Explaining the Ribbon in Space Discovered by IBEX

    02.05.13 - Using NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), scientists have devised the best model yet for the appearance of a vast ribbon of neutral atoms that curls through the boundaries of Earth's solar system.

  • Orbital trajectory of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)

    NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet ISON

    02.05.13 - NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft has acquired its first images of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON).

  • One of 20 balloons launched as part of NASA's BARREL mission.

    Twenty NASA Balloons Studying the Radiation Belts

    02.04.13 - Just 96 days since launch, the Van Allen Probes have already provided new insights into the structure and behavior of the radiation belts that surround Earth.

  • Sunlight reflected off a lake on Saturn's moon Titan

    Cassini Sees Titan Cooking up Smog

    02.04.13 - A new paper details how the aerosol particles on Saturn's smog-shrouded moon get their start, suggesting ways such particles can form in the atmospheres of other worlds.