• The entry, descent and landing war room

    First Words of Safe Landing on Mars

    08.21.12 - The entry, descent and landing of NASA’s new Mars rover was full of unknowns – including when was the right time to declare Curiosity safe and sound on the surface.

  • Traces of Landing

    NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Installing Smarts for Driving

    08.10.12 - NASA's Mars rover Curiosity will spend its first weekend on Mars transitioning to software better suited for tasks ahead, such as driving and using its strong robotic arm.

  • Image of a very long, whip-like solar filament extending over half a million miles in a long arc above the sun’s surface.

    One Half Million Mile Solar Filament

    08.10.12 - SDO sees a very long, whip-like solar filament extending over half a million miles in a long arc above the sun’s surface. Part of the filament seems to break away, but its basic length and shape seem to have remained mostly intact.

  • NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Image

    Timeline of Milestones During Curiosity's Landing

    08.09.12 - Curiosity's Entry, Descent and Landing team has provided a timeline of critical mission events that occurred on the evening of Aug. 5 PDT (early on Aug. 6 EDT).

  • NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Image

    NASA's Curiosity Beams Back a Color 360 of Gale Crater

    08.09.12 - The first images from Curiosity's color Mast Camera, or Mastcam, have been received by scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

  • Comparison of amount of NLCs in 1880 versus 1990.

    Meteor Smoke Makes Strange Clouds

    08.08.09 - A key ingredient for 'night shining clouds' comes from outer space. Scientists have detected bits of 'meteor smoke' imbedded in them.

  • NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Image

    First 360-Degree Panorama From NASA's Curiosity Rover

    08.08.12 - Remarkable image sets from NASA's Curiosity rover and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are continuing to develop the story of Curiosity's landing and first days on Mars.

  • NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Image

    Orbiter Images NASA's Martian Landscape Additions

    08.07.12 - Late Monday night, an image from the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured the Curiosity rover and the components that helped it survive its seven-minute ordeal from space to its present location in Mars' Gale Crater.

  • Heliophysics scientist and 2012 recipients of NASA Honor Awards (l to r): Spiro Antiochos, Jim Klimchuk, Doug Rowland.

    Solar Scientists Receive 2012 NASA Honor Awards

    08.07.12 - Heliophysicists Spiro Antiochos, James Klimchuk, Douglas Rowland, and the SDO Science Investigation Team received Agency Honor Awards to celebrate their unique contributions to NASA's mission.

  • Curiosity's early view of Mars

    NASA's New Mars Rover Sends Higher-Resolution Image

    08.06.12 - About two hours after landing on Mars and beaming back its first image, NASA's Curiosity rover transmitted a higher-resolution image of its new Martian home, Gale Crater.