Astronauts Aboard the Space Station Talk With Troops in Iraq
Troops in Iraq talked with astronauts aboard the ISS Station crewmembers talk with troops in Iraq via live video downlink.
Some U.S. forces in Iraq got the chance to talk with two NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station who also are far away from their families and friends.

Station Commander Jeff Williams, a retired U.S. Army colonel, and Flight Engineer T.J. Creamer, an Army colonel, talked with U.S. forces while orbiting 220 miles above Earth. Service members talked with the astronauts about life on the station, their military careers and what it is like to live in space for up to six months.

NASA Television provided live coverage of the conversations, with video from aboard the station during the event. A video file will be available later in the day, with edited footage from both the station and the service members in Iraq.

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