• Astronaut Barbara Morgan observes a student working on a computer

    National Lab Day: In Orbit, On Earth

    As America celebrates National Lab Day on May 12, astronauts are helping scientists expand and execute research on the only National Laboratory in microgravity -- the International Space Station.

  • Engineers inspect and test a boilerplate Mercury space capsule.

    This Month in Exploration - May

    05.12.10 - Fifty years ago NASA launched the first production model of the Project Mercury spacecraft. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • A bulls eye rash, a potential symptom of Lyme disease.

    Using Satellites to Check for...Ticks?

    05.12.10 - Using state-of-the-art NASA satellite information, students are busy checking state forests for ticks that may carry Lyme disease.

  • Beads of Courage

    Bonds of Courage, Beads of Courage

    05.10.10 - Space shuttle Atlantis will fly some very special "beads of courage" for children fighting life-threatening illnesses.

  • Bill O'Hearn from Fredericksburg, Va., a Tony Stewart fan, is now also a NASA-fan


    05.04.10 - NASA's new traveling exhibit "From Rockets to Race Cars" made its NASCAR debut last weekend at Richmond International Raceway.

  • The NACA Official Seal.

    This Month in Exploration - April

    04.06.10 - Ninety-five years ago the Secretary of War called the first meeting of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • Melvin Ferebee

    NASA Issues 'A Question to the World'

    04.02.10 - Imagine a mission... to Mars. A mission that deposits micro sensors into the atmosphere over half the planet that collect vast amounts of data. Now, can you help NASA design it?

  • Student team competing in the Conrad Innovation Summit.

    The Spirit of Pete Conrad Lives on at Innovation Summit

    03.29.10 - A lunar habitat module, paper that captures sound as energy and a drug delivery system for use in space. What do these inventions have in common? They’re all concepts being developed for commercialization by high school students competing in the Conrad Foundation’s Innovation Summit.

  • Two seventh grade students from Chaboya Middle School, San Jose, Calif., enjoyed a visit to the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory to learn about reducing drag with cars.

    Students Prove Visit to Ames Was Not a “Drag”

    03.24.10 - Thirteen year old Ajay Ramesh and twelve year old Prithvi Aiyaswamy, two seventh grade boys from Chaboya Middle School, San Jose, Calif., were so excited about their visit to the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., that they could barely sleep the night before their visit.

  • Members of the NASA Knights team from the New Horizons Regional Education Center in Hampton, Va.

    Richmond, Va., FIRST Robotics Regional Tournament

    03.22.10 - Thousands of high school students filled the Siegel Center at Virginia Commonwealth University for the Richmond, Va., FIRST Robotics regional tournament.