• Plant grows in biochar soil mixture

    Help for the Environment -- and Your Garden

    10.06.10 - Biochar is fantastic for enriching soil, and you can make it yourself.

  • Catherine G. Coleman, a Columbia (STS-73) mission specialist.

    This Month in Exploration - October

    10.04.10 - Fifteen years ago the shuttle crew ran microgravity experiments 24 hours a day. Read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • NASA astronaut Leland Melvin and singer-actor Mos Def

    Bringing the Excitement of Space to the Next Generation

    09.03.10 - In a series of collaborations--including an public service announcement with Mary J. Blige--NASA is getting the word out that studying science and engineering opens the door to a bright future.

  • Glenn Curtiss and his biplane.

    This Month in Exploration - September

    09.02.10 - One hundred years ago Glenn H. Curtiss flew from Cedar Point to Euclid Beach in an hour and forty-two minutes.

  • Teachers that visited Ames as part of the Simulation-Based Aerospace Engineering Teacher Professional Development Program

    Teachers turn to NASA for Inspiration

    08.25.10 - With a desire to learn more about aerospace technology, eight teachers gave up part of their summer vacation this year to come to NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., and become students themselves.

  • Artist concept of an astronaut sitting in a chair and floating in space.

    Vote for NASA Panels at South By Southwest

    08.23.10 - NASA has cool tools to share with armchair astronauts at the 2011 South By Southwest Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas. Here's how you can help make that happen.

  • Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong in the Lunar Module.

    This Month in Exploration - August

    08.02.10 - Eighty years ago the first man to walk on the moon was born. See who it was and read other historical facts in This Month in Exploration.

  • At a space shuttle exhibit, students learned to give the module operator a “thumbs up” to start the engine.

    Ames Thrills Students with Science and Math

    07.29.10 - We all remember a moment in which a teacher or mentor made a difference in our lives. It could be a nod of encouragement, a helping hand, a lesson that inspired wonder or discovery, and ultimately may have given purpose and value to our lives.

  • NASA at the 2010 Boy Scout Jamboree

    NASA at the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree

    07.28.10 - There's power in numbers. And with tens of thousands Boy Scouts and leaders celebrating 100 years of 'Scouting in America,' this year's event is a 10-day dream come true.

  • Teachers and project officials gathered under the UAVSAR pod mounted underneath the aircraft.

    Dryden Hosts Airborne Research Experience

    07.22.10 - Enthusiastic Southern California teachers participated in NASA's Airborne Research Experiences for Educators and Students program.