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  • David Blake

    NASA Instrument Will Identify Clues to Martian Past

    NASA's Curiosity rover, coming together for a late 2011 launch to Mars, has a newly installed component: a key onboard X-ray instrument for helping the mission achieve its goals.

  • Raman spectroscopy of a lunar sample collected by Apollo 17 reveals graphite whiskers, shown in yellow.

    Man in the Moon has 'Graphite Whiskers'

    In a new analysis of a lunar sample collected by Apollo 17, researchers have detected and dated carbon on the moon in the form of graphite

  • LOLA image of Goddard Crater on the moon.

    Goddard Crater

    LOLA highlights the Goddard Crater on the Moon in this spectacular shot.

  • LRO mosaic image of the Earth

    The Earth From The Moon

    The Earth as seen from the Moon! This is an LROC NAC mosaic of images snapped on 12 June 2010 during a calibration sequence.

  • LRO is providing scores of new details about the entire half of the moon that is obscured from Earth.

    Ten Cool Things Seen in the First Year of LRO

    In celebration of one year since launch, here are ten cool things already observed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

  • Mars

    Seventh Graders Find a Cave on Mars

    California middle school students using the camera on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter have found lava tubes with one pit that appears to be a skylight to a cave.

  • John Marmie

    LCROSS Mission Honored by National Space Society

    NASA has made technological breakthroughs in its efforts to reach for the stars and explore our solar system – these achievements were recently recognized by the National Space Society (NSS), which selected NASA's Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) mission as the 2010 recipient of the Space Pioneer Award in the Science and Engineering category.

  • Engineers make final preparations for testing inside the avionics mounting structure.

    Avionics Testing: More Than One 'Fiddle String'

    "Having more than one string on a fiddle" means having multiple talents or uses -- a good description of NASA's avionics string testing.

  • Earthrise as seen from Apollo 8

    Research Suggests Moon's Water Underestimated

    NASA-funded scientists estimate that the volume of water molecules locked inside minerals in the moon’s interior could exceed the amount of water in the Great Lakes here on Earth.

  • Final Friction Stir Weld Completed on Orion Spacecraft

    Final Friction Stir Weld Completed on Orion Spacecraft

    The Orion crew exploration vehicle took shape as the two halves of the crew module were fused together at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, La.