• Two seventh grade students from Chaboya Middle School, San Jose, Calif., enjoyed a visit to the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory to learn about reducing drag with cars.

    Students Prove Visit to Ames Was Not a “Drag”

    03.24.10 - Thirteen year old Ajay Ramesh and twelve year old Prithvi Aiyaswamy, two seventh grade boys from Chaboya Middle School, San Jose, Calif., were so excited about their visit to the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., that they could barely sleep the night before their visit.

  • Major General Robert M. White (USAF – Ret)

    X-15 Pilot Robert White Dies

    03.18.10 - On July 17, 1962, Major White flew the X-15 to an altitude of 314,750 feet, or 59 miles, becoming the first "winged astronaut."

  • MD-500 helicopter before crash test

    Chopper Crash Test a Smash Hit

    03.11.10 - The second crash test of a small lightweight helicopter at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., was a smashing success, literally -- just as engineers had predicted.

  • Image of the NACA seal.

    From the NACA to NASA: 95 Years of Innovation in Flight

    03.02.10 - Ninety-five years ago on March 3, the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics -- NASA's ancestor -- revved the nation's engine on aviation innovation.

  • A rendering of a sleek supersonic airplane in flight

    Envisioning Future Flight

    01.26.10 - NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics Student Competition challenges participants to design aircraft of the future.

  • NASA scientists are analyzing data from a field campaign to the Arctic, a major regulator of the planet's climate.

    NASA Gets Up-Close Look at Far Corner of the Globe

    12.16.09 - Taking a new look at how everyday human behaviors are affecting the Arctic, a major regulator of the planet's climate.

  • NASA scientists are working on a real-time model of radiation exposure risk for air travel that would include data about powerful solar storms.

    Radiation Exposure on Commercial Flights

    12.15.09 - For the first time, NASA scientists are accurately calculating the level of damaging radiation people are exposed to on commercial airline flights.

  • Researchers at NASA’s Langley Research Center are trying to improve forecasts of icing potential.

    NASA Looks for Safer Icing Forecast for Pilots

    12.14.09 - Of the many dangers that plague commercial airplanes, icing stands out as one of the most treacherous.

  • The cover of the book X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight as seen on a digital device.

    Now Online: Aeronautics Goes E-Book

    12.11.09 - Books that tell the stories of historic aeronautics moments are being made available for your Kindle and other digital devices.

  • NASA helicopter drop test

    Chopper Drop Tests New Technology

    12.08.09 - NASA researchers dropped a small helicopter from 35 feet to see if a deployable energy absorber could lessen the destructive force of a crash.