• NASA 515 in Orlando in Sept. 1992

    Wind Shear Accident Was Catalyst for Technology

    07.28.10 - When Delta Flight 191 crashed in Dallas, Tex., in early Aug. 1985 killing 135 people, it sparked a government-industry-academia partnership that resulted in many technologies that have virtually eliminated wind shear accidents today.

  • Tom Shortridge, left, and Scott Bednar, co-producers of 'NASA Lauchpad,' pose with emmy

    NASA TV Program Wins Emmy

    06.09.10 - 'NASA Launchpad' won a regional Emmy award in the informational/instructional category for its 'Bernoulli's Principle' episode.

  • Particle image velocimetry during operation of the UH-60A rotor.

    NASA Tweaks Tech Toolbox to Capture Rotor Results

    06.07.10 - "Smooth" and "quiet" are two words not usually associated with a helicopter ride, but NASA is working to change that.

  • The SJX61-2 engine that powered the X-51A test vehicle during ground tests simulating Mach 5 flight conditions at NASA's Langley Research Center in 2008

    X-51A Makes Longest Scramjet Flight

    05.28.10 - An engine first validated in a NASA wind tunnel successfully made the longest supersonic combustion ramjet-powered hypersonic flight to date off the southern California coast on May 26.

  • This image illustrates the kind of process that researchers used to come up with their select design concepts.

    Beauty of Future Airplanes is More than Skin Deep

    05.17.10 - A NASA research effort to visualize future passenger airplanes produces ideas dominated by familiar shapes but inspired by surprises underneath.

  • counter rotating test rig

    Building a Better Plane

    05.03.10 - NASA is working with the General Electric Co. to test new open rotor technology in a wind tunnel with a test rig designed and made at NASA's Glenn Research Center.

  • Image of Ashok Srivastava

    Ames Researcher Analyzes Data to Make Flying Safer

    04.28.10 - It’s comforting to know that when you board a commercial airline Ames Researcher Ashok Srivastava is working to ensure that you enjoy a safe flight.

  • X-48B in flight during phase 1 of test flights at NASA Dryden

    X-48B: Eighty Flights, Priceless Facts

    04.05.10 - A team led by NASA and The Boeing Company has completed the first phase of flight tests on the subscale X-48B blended wing body aircraft.

  • SOFIA exhibit at Hiller Aviation Museum

    SOFIA Exhibit Lands at Hiller Aviation Museum

    04.01.10 - Aeronautic enthusiasts young and old visited the new SOFIA exhibit at Hiller Aviation Museum on March 30, 2010.

  • An image of the micro-electric sensor.

    The Sheer Delight of Tackling Shear Stress

    03.25.10 - A tiny new micro-electric sensor that measures a type of stress holds huge promise for more fuel-efficient vehicles and maybe even more healthy hearts.