• Test instrumentation is set up behind the inboard engines of NASA’s DC-8.

    Alternative Jet Fuels Put to the Test

    01.28.09 - NASA and 11 other research groups are testing two non-petroleum-based jet fuels in the pursuit of alternative fuels that can power commercial jets and address rising oil costs.

  • Dennis Fitch photograph

    Aviation Experts Hear From Eyewitness to Disaster

    01.16.09 - Dennis Fitch will never forget the safety lessons he learned one tragic day in July 1989.

  • Researcher places probes on test subject's head.

    Study Investigates Mental Overload in Pilots

    11.26.08 - Advanced technology could help pilots when they are operating under dangerous levels of stress, fatigue and distraction.

  • Roy Harris.

    It Began Because He Was Crazy About Airplanes

    10.29.08 - On a Saturday in late May in 1958, Roy Harris graduated from Georgia Tech. A Saturday later, he got married. Two Saturdays after that, he and his new bride rented a small trailer, loaded it and drove to Langley. He left the center 40 years later, 10 years ago.

  • Pilot Tom Horne readies to fly an External Vision System from an F-18.

    NASA and Gulfstream Flying in High Def

    10.27.08 - NASA is partnering with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. on a project that could aid visibility for pilots of future supersonic business jets.

  • The Bell X-1 in flight.

    Marking 61 Years of Supersonic Curiosity

    10.14.08 - Sixty-one years after a sonic boom first rolled across the roof of the high desert in southern California, there are still things yet to be discovered about supersonic flight.

  • Marr kneels beside UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter hub hardware

    A Model Internship

    09.02.08 - Winning an internship contest gave Conor Marr the opportunity to simulate helicopter dynamics at NASA.

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  • HYBOLT-SOAREX launch

    Team to Investigate Launch Failure

    08.22.08 - The booster carrying NASA's Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition (HYBOLT) and Sub-Orbital Aerodynamic Re-entry Experiments (SOAREX) had to be destroyed shortly after liftoff Aug. 22.

  • Chad Sindaco with daughter, Ava.

    National Aviation Day Highlights the Future of Flight

    08.19.08 - In the Visitors' Center, author and historian Tom Crouch stood in front of a replica of the Wright Brothers original plane and told an assembly the story of the beginning of manned flight.

  • HYBOLT, SOAREX experiments

    Hitching a Ride

    08.12.08 - NASA's Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition (HYBOLT) and Sub-Orbital Aerodynamic Re-entry Experiments (SOAREX) will launch from Virginia's Eastern Shore this summer.