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The uncrewed inaugural flight of Crew Dragon, known as Demo-1, validated end-to-end systems and capabilities, leading to certification to fly crew.

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In-Flight Abort Test

In preparation for flying humans, the In-Flight Abort Test was one of the last major milestones to certify SpaceX's Crew Dragon.

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The first crewed flight of Crew Dragon, known as Demo-2, fully demonstrated SpaceX's ability to fly astronauts safely to and from the International Space Station.

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Post-Certification Missions

Crew-1 will be SpaceX's first operational mission to the space station. Regular crewed flights to station are the realization of the final goal of the Commercial Crew Program: safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation of astronauts to low-Earth orbit on commercial spacecraft.

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The NextGen STEM Commercial Crew Program brings the accomplishments of NASA and our commercial partners, Boeing and SpaceX, to audiences through a variety of educational resources and opportunities. These hands-on, authentic STEM activities and classroom resources, including apps like “Rocket Science: Ride to Station,” engage students and educators in the mission while helping build a strong and growing U.S. space industry in low Earth orbit by providing meaningful STEM experiences to the future generation of explorers.

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