What's next for X-59?

The X-59 isn't ready to fly yet. Here's an overview of important milestones.
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Lockheed Martin began manufacturing parts of the X-59 in November of 2018. It will take to the skies for the first time in 2022.

Once the X-59 is finished, Lockheed Martin will run initial flight tests for approximately nine months.

After checkout and envelope expansion flights, Lockheed will deliver the X-59 to NASA. NASA will then conduct test flights within the supersonic test range above NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center and Edwards Air Force Base in California. These flights will prove the aircraft is as quiet as it’s designed to be, in preparation for flights in our National Airspace System.

Starting in 2024, the X-59 will fly over select US cities. Residents will be able to share their responses to the sound the X-59 produces. Stay tuned!