Deep Space Exploration Systems Supplier Locations

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The vendor list is current as of July 2017 and is updated biannually.

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NASA's Exploration Systems Development is continuing America's journey of discovery by building the next-generation rocket, crew vehicle, and ground systems operations to facilitate missions into deep space—beyond the Moon and eventually to Mars.

Orion is the first spacecraft in history capable of taking humans to multiple destinations in deep space. The crew vehicle is designed for long-duration missions, is adaptable to a variety of activities and environments, and provides life-sustaining support to crew.

The Space Launch System is the rocket and launch system capable of transporting humans, habitats, and support systems directly into deep space. It is designed to be flexible for a crew, cargo, or science mission and will be powerful, safe, affordable, and sustainable.

Ground Systems Development and Operations is adapting existing infrastructure and facilities to modernize Kennedy Space Center into a multi-user spaceport capable of launching spacecraft built and designed by both NASA and private industry.

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