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A Standard of Visualization Abstraction for Human-Robot Interfaces

[image-51]Electa Baker
Vanderbilt University

The research objective is to create map-based displays that support robot operators working across a variety of paradigms. It has been shown that using an algorithm that abstracts the information presented in a map-based display can ease the cognitive demands and lessen the perceived workload of a single operator when supervising teams of multiple robots with high levels of autonomy. The same visual abstraction principles can be extended to support human operators that require more direct human control and provide similar cognitive benefits by reducing the difficulty of controlling less autonomous robots. Further, if the conventions of the visual abstraction algorithm can be shown to be effective for robot operators working with a broad range of robotic systems, an important step will be made towards creating a common operating standard for robotic system user interfaces.

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Electa Baker
Electa Baker
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