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Shuttle orbiter Discovery atop the Shuttle Aircraft Carrier
09.09.05 - The World's Greatest Piggyback Ride
Two customized 747 aircraft have the critical job of carrying space shuttle orbiters across the country.
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Discovery in orbit
08.23.05 - A Spectacular Test Flight
The first of two Return to Flight missions, STS-114 featured several accomplishments and taught NASA some important lessons.
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Mission Specialist Steve Robinson
08.07.05 - Steve Robinson: First Podcaster From Space
Mission Specialist Steve Robinson transmitted a podcast recounting his experiences aboard Discovery.
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View of Earth
08.04.05 - A Tribute to Fallen Astronauts and Cosmonauts
The crews of STS-114 and Expedition 11 pay tribute to lost colleagues.
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President Bush
08.02.05 - A Call From the West Wing
President Bush places a long-distance call to the Shuttle and Station crews.
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Spacewalk to repair gap fillers
08.02.05 - A Spacewalking First
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Spacewalker Steve Robinson
08.06.05 - STS-114 Spacewalks
The crew conducted three successful spacewalks during STS-114.
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Thumbnail of the Flight Dynamics Facility
07.05.05 - A Guiding Hand to the Space Shuttle
A busy day at Goddard's Flight Dynamics Facility (FDF) usually means something has gone wrong.
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Astronaut works on Hubble Space Telescope
06.27.05 - Making an Astronaut's Tool Box
The Hubble team at Goddard used their expertise to design, test and build new space hardware.
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Thumbnail of the Communications Room
07.05.05 - A Lifeline to Mission Control
Goddard's Spaceflight Tracking Data Network helps astronauts communicate with Earth.
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Matt Melis and Charles Camarda
07.05.05 - Shooting for Safety
Engineers test Shuttle parts for their ability to withstand hits from debris, such as foam and ice, in the Ballistics Impact Laboratory.
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Space Shuttle
06.28.05 - Setting the Date: NASA's Launch Window Planners
NASA engineers make sure the heavens are aligned for a Space Shuttle launch.
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Mark Sestile
06.23.05 - Working in Tune
Engineer Mark Sestile uses orchestrated teamwork to process Discovery.
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Space Shuttle at landing
06.23.05 - A Land Over Seas
International landing sites clear the way for greater Space Shuttle safety.
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Applied Physics Lab tool
06.23.05 - Tools of the Trade
Applied Physics Lab finds new ways to get the job done.
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Space Shuttle Discovery rolls out to the launch pad
06.15.05 - Upgraded Space Shuttle Discovery Returns to Launch Pad
During additional time in the Vehicle Assembly Building, Discovery received a new External Tank for its Return to Flight launch.
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The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo.
06.14.05 - Loading Leonardo
Hey, did someone up there in space order a freezer?
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LOX Feedline Bellows
06.13.05 - The Heat is On!
NASA adds a new heater to the Space Shuttle's fuel tank.
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Lt. Col. William McQuade
05.26.05 - Bon Voyage From Baghdad
He's in Baghdad, helping to restore legal order, but Discovery isn't far from this Space Shuttle engineer's heart.
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Orbiter Processing Facility at KSC
04.28.05 - Cooling a Hot Situation
NASA Space Shuttle processing engineer "goes with the flow."
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