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Assistant Launch Manager Answers Your Questions

Doug Lyons, Assistant Launch Director Doug Lyons
Assistant Launch Director

1. Lyons introduction and first question.
Great, okay. Our first question is from Karen in Jacksonville. Given all the very hard work and tribulations of the NASA team and the Shuttle Discovery's STS-114 astronauts over the last few years of the Shuttle program, could you summarize the feelings of the team and what they all will bethinking as Discovery is launched on July 13th?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 2.21 MB)

2. Patrick from Corpus Christi states, I know that the flight crew has had at least three years of training for this mission. But how much time has the launch control team spent in prelaunch simulations for this mission?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.59 MB)

3. Raja from Manassas asks, is there a camera on the outside of the Shuttle? If so, would the live feed of this camera be available for the general public during or after the launch?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 720 KB)

4. Okay. The next question is from Jennifer in Green Bay. Why was the Space Shuttle Discovery chosen instead of Atlantis or Endeavour to fly in the Return to Flight mission? Is there something special pertaining to this Shuttle that it was chosen?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.47 MB)

5. Well, Matthew from Plantation asks, what is the most dangerous part of the mission?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.95 MB)

6. Well, Granville in San Jose wants to know how long it takes to place fuel in the Shuttle tanks and when would you do this?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 560 KB)

7. Great. Mike from Iowa City, he asks, what factors are considered in determining the time of day this launch will occur?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.49 MB)

8. Very interesting. Here is a great question from Frank in Summerville. He asks, as the Shuttle is sitting on the launch pad, how is it protected from lightning strikes?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 795 KB)

9. Peter from Switzerland asks, after the return of Discovery, can it fly again this year?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 656 KB)

10. Ivan from Brisbane, he wants know if it is possible to land the Shuttle remotely without the crew.
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 942 KB)

11. Here's another good one from Daryl in Jal. Of all the issues that NASA has had to address for STS-114, which was the most difficult to solve and which was the most crucial to fix?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 2.25 MB)

12. Ranjit from Pune states, ever since the Shuttle disaster and the involvement of rigid polyurethane foam as an insulating material for the External Tank, which presumably was the cause of the disaster, I've been keen to know how this problem has been addressed.
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.26 MB)

13. James from Miami wants to know, what are the alternate landing fields if the STS-114 cannot make to it the Cape?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.23 MB)

14. Raja from Manassas asks, is there a theoretical maximum life for an orbiter or can it just be serviced and used over and over? Are there any plans to build a new orbiter to replace Columbia?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 993 KB)

15. Last question. Jonathan from St. Louisville asks, during launch, why is there so much steam on the launch pad?
+ Answer (RealPlayer, 1.47 MB)

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center
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