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 Discovery in orbit
08.23.05 - A Spectacular Test Flight
The first of two Return to Flight missions, STS-114 featured several accomplishments and taught NASA some important lessons.
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 Red Water Sausages
08.17.05 - Red Water Sausages?
Uncovering the mystery of the rose-colored rectangles below the Solid Rocket Boosters
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 Kennedy Space Center SWAT team
07.12.05 - SWATting Trouble
Elite specialized SWAT team provides safety and security at Kennedy Space Center.
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 A group of kids jump and cheer in anticipation of a Space Shuttle launch.
7.07.05 - Come One, Come All!
Kennedy’s Tiger Team warms up the welcome wagon for launch spectators.
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 Closeout Crew member Rene Arriens and astronaut James Newman
07.07.05 - Closing the Hatch
René Arriëns is one of the last people the STS-114 crew will see before they launch on the Return to Flight mission.
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 Space Shuttle at landing
06.23.05 - A Land Over Seas
International landing sites clear the way for greater Space Shuttle safety.
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 Space Shuttle Discovery rolls out to the launch pad
06.15.05 - Upgraded Space Shuttle Discovery Returns to Launch Pad
During additional time in the Vehicle Assembly Building, Discovery received a new External Tank for its Return to Flight launch.
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 Pilot James Kelly
05.06.05 - STS-114 Crew Put to the Test
The Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) allows astronauts and ground teams to practice pre-launch activities and countdown procedures.
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 Members of the STS-121 crew look at Space Shuttle Atlantis.
04.25.05 - Atlantis Crew Readies for STS-121
Astronauts get hands-on test in Florida.
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05.03.05 - No Need for Speed
Crawler Systems Engineer Bob Myers doesn't mind taking the slow road when driving Space Shuttles out to the launch pad.
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 Raffaello is suspended from a crane.
04.26.2005 - Raffaello Packed for Flight
ISS Payload for Shuttle mission set for delivery to launch pad.
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 NASA WB-57 jet in flight
04.14.05 - Bird's-Eye View
NASA team develops 'eye in the sky' for Shuttle chase planes.
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 Discovery rolls out of the VAB
04.06.05 - The Home Stretch: Discovery Reaches Its Launch Pad
With Return to Flight on the horizon, Space Shuttle Discovery is in position for launch at Launch Pad 39B.
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 A technician works with the Control Moment Gyroscope.
03.22.05 - Packing, Space Style
Packing for STS-114 isn't like loading up the family SUV.
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 The STS-114 crew inspects Thermal Protection System repair samples.
03.21.05 - Packing the Payloads
Space Shuttle Discovery astronauts check tools and equipment for their work in space.
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 Discovery lifts off from pad 39B.
03.08.05 - Shuttle in Shipshape
Upgrades to Space Shuttle Discovery set the stage for safer spaceflight.
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 STS-114 crew members look at Discovery's wing leading edge
02.11.05 - Put to the Test
During the recent Crew Equipment Integration Test, the Return to Flight astronauts got a close look at Discovery -- inside and out.
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 Todd Dugan at work on the Orbiter Boom Sensor System
01.28.05 - Lending a Hand, an Arm...and a Boom
Todd Dugan helped prepare the new Orbiter Boom Sensor System for its maiden voyage: the Space Shuttle's Return to Flight mission.
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 Orbiter Boom Sensor System inside the Remote Manipulator System lab
01.07.05 - A New Boom for Safety
The Orbiter Boom Sensor System is undergoing final checkout and testing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
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 The External Tank at Kennedy Space Center
01.06.05 - Last Stop on Earth
The External Tank that will help launch Space Shuttle Discovery on its Return to Flight mission has arrived at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.
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