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Liftoff of Space Shuttle Discovery
09.01.05 - Successful Mission
NASA's Return to Flight mission was filled with firsts.
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Discovery rides atop NASA's Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.
8.25.05 - Home at Last
Discovery returns home to Kennedy after a deorbit landing at Edwards Air Force Base.
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Discovery atop the SCA lands at Kennedy
08.21.05 - Discovery's Home
Discovery, riding piggy-back on the 747 makes a picture-perfect landing at Kennedy.
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Shuttle Carrier Aircraft carrying Discovery
08.19.05 - Coming Home
Space Shuttle Discovery begins its ferry flight home from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
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Discovery lands at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
Discovery makes a picture-perfect landing at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.
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Launch day

A New Journey

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Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery
Discovery Launches!
Space Shuttle Discovery successfully lifts off from Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center, Fla.
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The new Shuttle Landing Facility control tower
07.08.05 - New Control Tower Reports for Duty
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to dedicate a new control tower at the Shuttle Landing Facility.
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The Closeout Crew at work in the White Room
07.07.05 - On the Closeout Crew
René Arriëns is one of the last to see astronauts before they fly.
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Construction of radar antenna on Merritt Island, Fla.
06.27.05 - Radar Adds to Space Shuttle Safety
Construction underway of C-band radar tower on Merritt Island, Fla.
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Space Shuttle Discovery rolls to the launch pad
06.15.05 - Back to the Launch Pad
Space Shuttle Discovery has returned to Launch Pad 39B with an upgraded External Tank.
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Space Shuttle Discovery approaches the Vehicle Assembly Building
05.27.05 - Discovery Rolls Back
Back inside the VAB, Space Shuttle Discovery will receive a new External Tank.
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An ISS module is lowered into the open payload canister.
05.03.05 - All In!
NASA technicians have finished loading ISS hardware for delivery to launch pad 39B.
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Crawler Systems Engineer Bob Myers stands in front of a Crawler-Transporter
05.02.05 - A Heavy Task
Crawler Systems Engineer Bob Myers has no need for speed.
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Space Shuttle Discovery rolls toward Launch pad 39B
04.06.05 - Marching Toward Launch
Space Shuttle Discovery makes the long, slow crawl to its launch pad.
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The crew for Return to Flight checks payloads in the Space Station Processing Facility.
03.25.05 - Checking the Payloads
The crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery gets hands-on payload experience.
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The replacement Control Moment Gyroscope for the International Space Station is shown.
03.23.05 - One Gyro, To Go
The replacement gyro headed for the Space Station is ready for flight.
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Susan Johnson, Space Shuttle Main Engine safety manager
02.25.05 - Keeping Engines Healthy
Susan Johnson explains the work life of a Space Shuttle Main Engine safety manager.
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Astronaut Soichi Noguchi during prelaunch test
02.11.05 - A Preflight Test
The STS-114 crew takes part in the Crew Equipment Interface Test.
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Todd Dugan at work on the Orbiter Boom Sensor System
02.02.05 - Working on the Boom
Technician Todd Dugan is part of the team preparing the brand new Orbiter Boom Sensor System.
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