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Mark Sestile
06.23.05 - Working in Tune
Engineer Mark Sestile uses orchestrated teamwork to process Discovery.
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The Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo.
06.14.05 - Loading Leonardo
Hey, did someone up there in space order a freezer?
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Lt. Col. William McQuade
05.26.05 - Bon Voyage From Baghdad
He's in Baghdad, helping to restore legal order, but Discovery isn't far from this Space Shuttle engineer's heart.
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Pilot James Kelly
05.06.05 - STS-114 Crew Put to the Test
The Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) allows astronauts and ground teams to practice pre-launch activities and countdown procedures.
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Members of the STS-121 crew look at Space Shuttle Atlantis.
04.25.05 - Atlantis Crew Readies for STS-121
Astronauts get hands-on test in Florida.
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05.03.05 - No Need for Speed
Crawler Systems Engineer Bob Myers doesn't mind taking the slow road when driving Space Shuttles out to the launch pad.
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Lili Villarreal inside Raffaello
03.22.05 - Ready for Shipment
Only six years after graduating from college, Liliana Villarreal is preparing Space Station hardware for Return to Flight.
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Mission Management Team
03.15.05 - Eight Days a Week
The Space Shuttle Mission Management Team gives its all during a strenuous, eight-day simulation.
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People Propel Shuttle Engine's Return to Flight
02.16.05 - The People Behind the Shuttle's Engines
Their work is helping NASA carry out its plan to return the Space Shuttle to flight following the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia in February 2003.
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NASA tugboat Clermont II
02.11.05 - NASA Tug that Can: Filling 'er Up for Shuttle Engine Tests
The shake, rattle and roar of a Space Shuttle main engine test at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi probably don’t bring a tugboat to mind.
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Todd Dugan at work on the Orbiter Boom Sensor System
01.28.05 - Lending a Hand, an Arm...and a Boom
Todd Dugan helped prepare the new Orbiter Boom Sensor System for its maiden voyage: the Space Shuttle's Return to Flight mission.
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Solid Rocket Booster technician Chuck Jones
12.22.04 - 'We Provide the Ride'
Technicians like Chuck Jones are working hard to ensure the Space Shuttle's Solid Rocket Boosters are ready for Return to Flight.
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Jennifer Hagin
12.13.2004 - Read, Write, Return to Flight
Jennifer Hagin has degrees in both English and engineering. She is now a flight controller at Johnson Space Center's Mission Control Center.
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Lisa Campbell works inside the wing
11.10.04 - Return to Flight Journal: Inside the Wing
Aerospace technician Lisa Campbell spends most of her days installing a new sensor system inside Space Shuttle Discovery's left wing.
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Michael Wright
12.13.04 - Four-armed for Return to Flight
When the Space Shuttle returns to flight, NASA's Michael Wright will have four arms. All of them will be busy.
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Flight controller Steve Walker
09.20.04 - Flight Controller Readies Shuttle for First Flip
Steve Walker is preparing to send the Shuttle into an unprecedented nose-over-tail rendezvous maneuver.
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Clinton Cragg
09.22.04 - NESC Problem Solver Clinton Cragg
A former Navy officer is an important part of NASA's effort to return to flight
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Flight Director Cathy Koerner
08.24.04 - Flight Director Living a Dream That Began Early
Cathy Koerner is one of three flight directors working the next Shuttle mission, STS-114.
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Flight Director Paul Hill
07.30.04 - From Florida Rooftop to Mission Control
Flight Director Paul Hill is preparing his Mission Control team for Space Shuttle return to flight.
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