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NASA PIA - Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience
April 7, 2009

Date of this submission: February 17, 2009
NASA Center/Location: Oklahoma State University
Application Name: INSPIRE
Is this application or information collection new or is an existing one being modified? New
Does this application collect, maintain, and/or disseminate information in identifiable form (IIF)? YES
Mission Program/Project Supported: NASA Office of Education
Identifying Numbers (Use N/A, where appropriate)
Privacy Act System of Records Number: NASA 10SPER
OMB Information Collection Approval Number and Expiration Date: 2700-0133, 11/30/10
Other Identifying Number(s):


  1. Provide an overview of the application or collection and indicate the legislation authorizing this activity.

    INSPIRE is a NASA wide Elementary and Secondary Project designed to encourage students from the 9th to 12th grades to pursue an education and careers in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. To be considered and selected for participation, students must first apply and be selected by NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Act is the basic enabling legislation allowing this activity.
  2. Describe the information the agency will collect, maintain, or disseminate and how the agency will use the information. In this description, indicate whether the information contains IIF and whether submission is voluntary or mandatory.

    Students are required to provide identification and contact information such as name, home address, phone number, email, contact information for the school they attend, copy of an academic transcript, write an essay outlining the reasons they wish to participate, parent/guardian permission forms, and 2 recommendation forms. This information contains Information in Identifiable Form (IIF). The information collected will only be available to personnel at Oklahoma State University supporting INSPIRE and review panelist that are responsible for selecting students at their respective center. The information is used solely for the purpose of identifying the individual and their qualifications for selection to INSPIRE. Their contact information is used for sending correspondence to the applicant or for contacting them to obtain additional information via phone, email or paper mail. Applying to INSPIRE is voluntary, but for those that do apply, submission of the IIF information is required.
  3. Explain how the IIF collected, maintained, and/or disseminated is the minimum necessary to accomplish the purpose for this effort.

    The IIF being collected is the minimum necessary in order to identify the applicant, provide information necessary for those reviewing the application to make an informed decision regarding the applicant's qualifications during the consideration and selection process, and to contact the student if necessary for a telephone interview.
  4. Explain why the IIF is being collected, maintained, or disseminated.

    The information is used to rank and select participants in NASA's INSPIRE program.
  5. Identify with whom the agency will share the IIF.

    The information is not shared.
  6. Describe how the IIF will be obtained, from whom it will be collected, what the suppliers of information and will be told about the information collection, and how this message will be conveyed to them (e.g., written notice, electronic notice if a Web-based collection, etc.). Describe any opportunities for consent provided to individuals regarding what information is collected and how the information will be shared.

    The IIF will be obtained from the student applicant via a paper application submitted by mail and/or the information they provide on the web site. This will allow for the sorting of applications to determine consideration and placement. The information will be shared with an individual at each center who is responsible for implementing INSPIRE at their center who will share it with a selecting official. Privacy Act policy and information is provided via a link to the NASA.gov website. Clicking on the Privacy Act link will display a web page with all pertinent information regarding NASA's Privacy Act policies. Submission of the application package and/or the on-line information is regarded as the parent's consent for NASA to collect the information.
  7. State whether personal information will be collected from children under age 13 on the Internet and, if so, how parental or guardian approval will be obtained. (Reference: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998)

    No Information will be collected from children under age 13.
  8. Describe how the IIF will be secured.

    Information will be secured physically behind lock and key. Online access will be limited to uses with a password and then limited based on permission level. Unsuccessful attempts at logging in will be logged and excessive attempts in a given time frame will lock down the application and notify the server admin immediately.
  9. Describe plans for retention and destruction of IIF.

    Records have not been scheduled and will be treated as permanent pending NASA Headquarters approval of a retention schedule.
  10. Identify whether a system of records is being created under section 552a of Title 5, United States Code (the Privacy Act), or identify the existing Privacy Act system of records notice under which the records will be maintained.

    NASA 10SPER Special Personnel Records.

Point of contact to whom a member of the public can address questions concerning this information system and the privacy concerns associated with it: Steve Chance.


Signature on File
Anthony M. Springer
NASA Cognizant Official

Date: 2/18/09


Signature on File
Teresa M. Fryer
Privacy Program Manager

Date: 2/19/09


Signature on File
Bobby L. German
NASA Chief Information Officer (Acting)

Date: 2/20/09

Signature on File
Bryan D. McCall
NASA HQ Privacy Manager

Date: 2/18/09


Signature on File
Kelly Carter
NASA HQ CIO (Acting)

Date: 2/18/09
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