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NASA Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summary - Acousticaltest.grc.nasa.gov
March 2, 2011

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summary
Date of this Submission: Mar 1, 2011
NASA Center: Glenn Research Center
System Name: Acousticaltest.grc.nasa.gov

Is this application or information collection new or is an existing one being modified? New
Does this application collect, maintain, and/or disseminate information in identifiable form (IIF)? Yes
Mission Program/Project Supported: NASA Glenn Safety, Health, and Environmental Division

Identifying Numbers (Use N/A, where appropriate)
Privacy Act System of Records Number:
OMB Information Collection Approval Number and Expiration Date: N/A
Other Identifying Number(s): N/A


  1. Provide an overview of the application or collection and indicate the legislation authorizing this activity:
    The application consists of several web-based forms that collect contact information from members of the general public who wish to receive free NASA-developed educational materials that pertain to the practice of hearing conservation and noise control engineering. The application is maintained by the Safety Health and Environmental Division in the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate at Glenn Research Center.
  2. Describe the information the agency will collect, maintain, or disseminate and how the agency will use the information. In this description, indicate whether the information contains IIF and whether submission is voluntary or mandatory:
    The agency collects and maintains sufficient contact information needed to print postal mailing labels and to contact the requestor via email in the future regarding the availability of new materials that may be of interest, based on technical discipline and the area of professional application. All submissions are voluntary. Records are searched via topic of interest.
  3. Explain how the IIF is collected, maintained, and/or disseminated is the minimum necessary to accomplish the purpose for this effort:
    The information collected consists of postal mailing address fields and a minimum dataset that can be used to classify the requestor by profession, discipline, and industry.
  4. Explain why the IIF is being collected, maintained, or disseminated:
    The information is being collected in order to make NASA-developed educational materials available to the widest community of interested professionals and the general public and to inform the development and publication of future materials.
  5. Identify with whom the agency will share the IIF:
    The information is not shared.
  6. Describe how the IIF will be obtained, from whom it will be collected, what the suppliers of the information and the subjects will be told about the information collection, and how this message will be conveyed to them (e.g. written notice, electronic notice if a Web-based collection). Describe any opportunities for consent provided to individuals regarding what information is collected and how the information will be shared:
    The information is collected by means of forms that reside on a website. Interested parties who read descriptions of the available materials can then complete the form voluntarily to receive a free copy in the mail (or, in some cases, be directed to a download site to download software application files). Consent is assumed if the requestor completes the form.
  7. State whether the personal information will be collected from children under age 13 on the Internet and, if so, how parental or guardian approval will be obtained. (Reference: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998):
    Information is not intended to be collected from children under the age of 13. Accordingly, the following statement appears with each form: If you are under 13 years of age, please ask a parent or guardian to provide and submit the information requested below.
  8. Describe how the IIF will be secured:
    Only the web curator and the Responsible Official have access to the database where the information is maintained.
  9. Describe plans for retention and desctruction on IIF:
    This collection of information follows NRRS 1.78.F. This NRRS states that such records shall be destroyed when no longer needed for reference (or two years, whichever is later). There are no plans to destroy the information, unless the record is no longer needed for reference.
  10. Identify whether a system of records is being created under section 552a of Title 5, United States Code (the Privacy Act), or identify the existing Privacy Act system of records notice under which the records will be maintained:
    This application is not a system of records.

Point of contact to whom a member of the public can address questions concerning this information system and the privacy concerns associated with it: Beth Cooper 216-433-3950

Concurrence Credentials on File
System Owner
Date: 10/16/2009

Concurrence Credentials on File
Center Privacy Manager
Date: 10/16/2009

Concurrence Credentials on File
Teresa M. Fryer
NASA Privacy Program Manager
Date: 10/21/2009


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