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NASA PIA Summary - ODIN Server System
October 26, 2009
Date of this Submission: 08/17/2007
NASA Center: NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC)
Application Name: ODIN Server System

Is this application or information collection new or is an existing one being modified? Yes
Does this application collect, maintain, and/or disseminate information in identifiable form (IIF)? No
Mission Program/Project Supported: Office Automation Information Technology (OAIT)

Identifying Numbers (Use N/A, where appropriate)
Privacy Act System of Records Number:
OMB Information Collection Approval Number and Expiration Date:
Other Identifying Number(s):


  1. Provide an overview of the application or collection and indicate the legislation authorizing this activity.
    Not Applicable
  2. Describe the information the agency will collect, maintain, or disseminate and how the agency will use the information. In this description, indicate whether the information contains IIF and whether submission is voluntary or mandatory.
    Not Applicable
  3. Explain how the IIF collected, maintained, and/or disseminated is the minimum necessary to accomplish the purpose for this effort.
    Not Applicable
  4. Explain why the IIF is being collected, maintained, or disseminated.
    Not Applicable
  5. Identify with whom the agency will share the IIF.
    Not Applicable
  6. Describe how the IIF will be obtained, from whom it will be collected, what the suppliers of information and the subjects will be told about the information collection, and how this message will be conveyed to them (e.g., written notice, electronic notice if a Web-based collection, etc.). Describe any opportunities for consent provided to individuals regarding what information is collected and how the information will be shared.
    Not Applicable
  7. State whether personal information will be collected from children under age 13 on the Internet and, if so, how parental or guardian approval will be obtained. (Reference: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998)
    Not Applicable.
  8. Describe how the IIF will be secured.
    Data will be secured utilize FIPS 140-2 Encryption methods.
  9. Describe plans for retention and destruction of IIF.
    Each NASA user is required to follow NPR 1441.1D which sets forth the retention periods of Federal records of the Agency and the General Records Schedules (GRS) produced by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
  10. Identify whether a system of records is being created under section 552a of Title 5, United States Code (the Privacy Act), or identify the existing Privacy Act system of records notice under which the records will be maintained.
    Not Applicable

Identify a point of contact to whom a member of the public can address questions concerning this information system and the privacy concerns associated with it: Patti Stockman (202) 358-4787.

Darryl A. Smith, Ph.D.
ODIN Program Manager (Acting)
Date August 17, 2007

Julia Cantillo
NSSC Privacy Act Manager
Date ____________

Patti F. Stockman
NASA Privacy Act Officer
Date ____________
Terry Jackson
NSSC Chief Information Officer
Date ____________

Approved for Publication:
Jonathan Q. Pettus
Chief Information Officer
Date ____________
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