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Cherie Oubre portrait

Cherie Oubre

Acting Deputy Chief Scientist, Human Research Program; Deputy Element Scientist, Research Operations and Integration

Cherie Oubre works with HRP managers and scientists as the program’s acting deputy chief scientist. In this role, she helps set research strategies across HRP, ensuring a robust scientific portfolio that mitigates the risks of human spaceflight.

She also oversees human research activities conducted before, during, and after spaceflight for HRP’s Research Operations and Integration element. The job involves working with NASA’s internal and external research teams and international partners to integrate and collect science data.   

Prior to her current positions, Oubre served as a senior scientist in Johnson Space Center’s Microbiology Laboratory in Houston. There, she was involved in a diverse blend of research and operational microbiology activities focused on maintaining crew health and safety. Her area of expertise involves host-microorganism interactions; she has conducted research in agricultural, military, and spaceflight laboratories.

Oubre received a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lamar University and earned her doctorate in Microbiology from Texas A&M University.

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