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Participation Information

The NASA Open Source Summit will take place from 9am to 5pm PST on March 29 & 30 and provide a structured framework for conversational problem solving. There will be keynote speakers as well as break-out sessions to discuss specific topics. All participants are encouraged to fully engage in topically relevant conversations and to share their expertise.

Physical vs. Virtual Participation

Because of logistical constraints, there will be separate break-out session discussions for remote and physical participants. As such, we have created separate agendas to try and make information clearer for both. The remote agenda will be posted soon.

UserVoice Forum

Leading up to and throughout the event, ideas and suggestions will be collected, discussed and voted upon on the UserVoice Forum. This site is live, so please go there now and cast your votes!

Live Streaming

Keynote speeches will be live-streamed online on the Open Source Summit homepage during the event.


For our Twitter users, the hash-tag for this event will be #NASAoss

Breakout Sessions

Room locations will be listed on the agenda. Virtual participants can join the break-out sessions on Maestro Conference. Please note: you will need to register for a PIN prior to joining.

Collaborative Note Taking

For each breakout session there will be a collaborative note-taking space on Google Docs. Links can be found on the Agenda when posted.