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NASA Joins World Wide Web Consortium

NASA announced Thursday that is has joined the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international organization that develops protocols, standards, and guidelines to ensure universal web access. The partnership will allow NASA to contribute its breadth of experience in eGovernment and Semantic Web technologies as the consortium plans long-term growth for the Web.

"Standards will play a key role in making NASA's content more accessible on the Internet and in the implementation of our Open Government plan," said Chris Kemp, chief technology officer for Information Technology at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "Additionally, standards nurture technology innovation. We are especially interested in participating in those areas where NASA's ongoing technical requirements overlap with the W3C's standardization efforts."

NASA is committed to using open standards and technologies. As part of its widely praised Open Government plan, the agency is committed to releasing datasets in open formats on data.gov, the federal government’s data repository. Additionally, it is spearheading efforts in Open Source Development and NASA Nebula in government.

+ Click here to read the whole press release from NASA.gov