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Ongoing Open Government Activities
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NASA Television

Opening the Eyes of the World to NASA Activities


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NASA TV provides detailed information on Agency activities, missions, and news both directly to the public and to various media outlets for use in news reports and documentaries.

NASA on YouTube

Screenshot Screenshot of NASA TV's YouTube Page

NASA videos have become some of the most popular content available on YouTube. Over 750 videos are available for on-demand viewing, with new content added daily. Soon, NASA Television will begin providing high-definition content, allowing visitors to view videos in even higher clarity and detail.


NASA TV's primary purpose is support of the space shuttle and International Space Station programs. Mission success and the safety of the astronauts depend on a robust communications infrastructure that allows engineers and scientists to visually assess a crew's well-being and safe vehicle operations. NASA Television also delivers education material to schools, museums, and other learning institutions while providing news organizations with video, still images, interviews, and news conferences. NASA Television is redistributed by cable and satellite television providers to the general public.

How This Fits into Open Government

NASA Television's availability on cable television systems, satellite television services, and the Web via nasa.gov enables the American public and an international audience to view NASA missions, news conferences, and other activities in real time. By transmitting these programs to a wide audience, NASA TV increases the transparency of our projects and involves the public in the exciting missions we undertake.

NASA Television collaborates with other agencies, such DOE, NOAA, DOD, and Department of State, to produce videos, special events, and live coverage of expendable vehicle launches.

Open Government Goals

  • Six Months
    • Upgrade NASA Television distribution system to high definition video quality in order to provide a better experience to viewers.
  • One Year
    • Implement online on-demand video system for high-definition content.

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