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Letter from the CIO and CFO

Letter from the CIO and CFO: Open Government at NASA


April 7, 2010

Dear Friends and Family of NASA,

In December 2009, the White House issued the Open Government Directive calling on Executive Branch agencies to become more open, accountable, and centered on the principles of transparency, collaboration, and participation. NASA has embraced this Open Government challenge.

This is the first version of NASA's plan to embed the Open Government framework into all levels of our organization. This plan is the result of hard work by NASA's Open Government Working Group, and collaboration with other agencies to share best practices and approaches.

This plan will continue to grow and evolve as we experiment with new ways of doing business and partnering with the public. We already had a successful engagement while drafting this plan, receiving 420 ideas from 280 different authors through the Citizen Engagement Tool provided by GSA. More than 1,200 people cast almost 5,000 votes for the ideas and made 700 comments. Future versions of this plan will highlight successes from our current efforts and seek ways to replicate them across our centers and missions. We will also identify what is not working and strive for improvement. The adoption of new technology, protocols, procedures, and policy is no easy task. Nonetheless, the Open Government Initiative is an opportunity to strengthen NASA, and in turn, strengthen democracy.

Please join us. Continue to participate. Right now you can read through and share the 25 fact sheets highlighted in this plan at www.nasa.gov/open/plan. You can be a direct contributor to building the strategy for expanding human presence into the solar system. Since the first human entered space in 1961, there have been just over 500 people who have orbited the Earth or traveled to the Moon. These missions were carried out by select teams. But one thing is true about our upcoming missions to space: this time, we can all take part.


Photo of Linda Y. Cureton, Chief Information Officer
Linda Y. Cureton
Chief Information Officer
Photo of Elizabeth (Beth) Robinson, Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth (Beth) Robinson
Chief Financial Officer