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Ongoing Open Government Activities
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Congressional Requests for Information


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The Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs (OLIA) manages correspondence and requests for information received from the U.S. Congress and handles requests for legislative material. OLIA has procedures in place to ensure requests are handled quickly and in a consistent manner. OLIA's newsletter keeps the public informed of its activities with Congress.

Mission Statement

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The Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs provides executive leadership, direction, and coordination for all communications and relationships, both legislative and non-legislative, between NASA and the United States Congress, as well as state and local governments.

A Look at NASA" – Making Information Publicly Accessible

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This newsletter shares highlights of what the Agency is doing with Congress and members of the public. The newsletter routinely covers White House interaction with the Agency and other major NASA initiatives.


The OLIA is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring legislative activity.
  • Maintaining liaison with Members of Congress and its staff.
  • Acquiring and disseminating all legislative material for NASA.
  • Controlling, tracking, and responding to all correspondence addressed from Congress to NASA.

To ensure consistency and quality, official NASA correspondence to Members of Congress are signed by the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, or the Associate Administrator for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs. The Office of Inspector General is exempt from the signature policy noted here. When the OLIA determines it is appropriate, Center Directors and other Officials-In-Charge may be authorized to sign correspondence to Congress.

Most correspondence from Congress is received by OLIA, which logs and tracks each piece of correspondence. Correspondence clearly addressed to specific NASA officials, the Office of the Inspector General, or a labor union official are an exception and are delivered unopened to the addressee. OLIA has a goal of responding to correspondence expeditiously, within 30 days if possible. More details on OLIA procedures can be found in the Useful Links section below.

NASA does not abridge the rights of our employees to communicate with Congress as private citizens on their own time and without using Government resources.

How This Fits into Open Government

NASA's responses to Congressional requests for information make the Agency more transparent by enabling the Congress to better understand how NASA fulfills its mission. The information provided in each communication touches on OLIA's executive leadership, direction, and coordination of all communications and relationships related to legislative issues between NASA, the U.S. Congress, state and local government, space-related associations, and citizens groups.

Open Government Goals

  • Three to Six Months
    • Review our processes and policies on what is already routinely made available to the public via our Web site and what additional items could be made available through our Web site.
  • One to Two Years
    • Review the system in place. Ask for input from NASA and public stakeholders on how well the system is meeting their needs, analyze lag time to Web publication, and any further refinements the system needs.

    Useful Links

    1. Organization Chart of OLIA
    2. Handling Congressional Correspondence And Information Concerning Congressional Activities
    3. Senate Committee Web pages with Jurisdiction over NASA
    4. House Committee Web pages with Jurisdiction over NASA