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NASA Open Government Plan—Appendix

Citizen Engagement Analysis

Crowd-Sourcing Ideas for NASA's Future

On February 5, 2010, the General Services Administration (GSA) launched a Citizen Engagement Tool based on the IdeaScale platform 22 federal agencies, including NASA. This platform allowed members of the public to submit, rank, and comment on ideas as to how NASA can best fulfill the goals of the Open Government Directive by becoming more transparent, participatory, collaborative, and innovative.



A Letter to Transparency Advocates

Compliance Matrix and Analysis

Our goal with the Open Government Plan is to communicate our framework and Open Government principles to provide context toward how we embrace Open Government. We believe that this is a process and that it is the responsibility of each directorate, program, and employee to make NASA more open. We have elected to take a structured approach to describe our activities that make NASA open, participatory and collaborative to enable the reader to browse to topics of interest, easily learn new topics and understand how to get involved. We also did it this way for our workforce; by turning this Open Government Plan into a platform to communicate what we do and tell stories that exemplify participatory behavior, we hope there will be a positive response by the community. With positive feedback, the social reward will allow that behavior to be repeated.