Strategic Investments Division
    What is the right mix of Agency programs?

  • Perform program and portfolio analysis
  • Agency Strategic Plan
  • Agency Performance Plan
  • Performance and Accountability Report
The Strategic Investments Division is responsible for evaluating the Agency's portfolio of programs to assure that we have the correct mix of programs necessary to accomplish our Mission. To accomplish this, the Division:
  • Analyzes the technical, programmatic, and institutional investment options available to the Agency;
  • Evaluates mission-related programs and projects to ensure cost effectiveness, quality, performance, and strategic alignment;
  • In coordination with the OCFO, ensures that budget formulation and execution is consistent with the Agency’s strategic investment decisions; and
  • Issues Agency programmatic and institutional strategic guidance.

Strategic Investments also coordinates and publishes the following annual plans and reports in accordance with the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA):
  • NASA Strategic Plan (in coordination with the Studies and Analysis Division)
  • NASA Performance Plan
  • Performance and Accountability Report

Cynthia Lodge is the Acting Director of the Strategic Investments Division.