Independent Program Assessment Office
    How are we doing?

  • Perform independent program and project reviews at major milestones
  • Perform program and project independent cost estimates and analysis
  • Conduct ongoing surveillance of projects during development

The Independent Program Assessment Division, located at Langley Research Center, provides independent, unbiased information and findings to Agency decision makers.

The objective of the Independent Program Assessment Office is to assess newly proposed and ongoing programs and projects to provide an objective advisory to the Mission Directorates and Agency Program Management Council.

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To accomplish this objective the IPAO:
  • Conducts multi-disciplinary reviews at designated decision milestones to evaluate program and project objectives, cost and schedule compliance with NPR 7120.5
  • Leads the Agency cost analysis and estimating research in collaboration with the Cost Analysis Division
  • Recommends approaches for programmatic and technical risk mitigation
  • Improves the Agency's independent program and project review processes through synergistic relationships with other Agency review organizations

James Ortiz is the Director of the Independent Program Assessment Office.

To learn more about the Independent Program Assessment Office, visit http://www.nasa.gov/ipao