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Our Mission Statement

NASA Headquarters Building, Washington, DC

To leverage NASA Resources enabling efficient Programmatic and Institutional Integration as NASA achieves its vision.

OPII Opportunities

Detail Assignments

From time to time OPII has opportunities for 6-12 month detail assignments.

Please contact Rick Keegan or Krista Paquin for information.

Welcome to OPII

    Richard Keegan
    The Office of Program and Institutional Integration (OPII) is the executive office for both the NASA Deputy Administrator and the Associate Administrator. OPII integrates the decision-making processes and identifies and resolves issues that cross programmatic and/or institutional lines; advocates for Centers at Headquarters, while working for the best interest of the Agency; and, provides independent, "non-partisan" leadership and decision making for selected cross-cutting initiatives.

    Image above: Richard (Rick) Keegan, Director of the Office of Program and Institutional Integration. Credit: NASA

    Through the NASA Management Office, OPII serves the functions of contract management and programmatic and institutional implementation oversight at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, and at the Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University. OPII also manages the International Deep Space Network contracts with the governments of Spain and Australia, as well as a number of interagency acquisitions and other procurements.

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    Functional Areas
    • Mission Support Budgets
    • Workforce Planning Integration
    • Strategic Institutional Investment
    • Mission Support Plan
    • Space Act Agreement Coordination/Business Practices
    • Senior Advisory Team Chair (Internal Controls)
    • Sponsored Research & Education Support Services
    • NASA Management Office

Quick Links

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