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CADRe/ONCE - Data Collection and Database

CADRe (Cost Analysis Data Requirement) is a 3 part document that describes a NASA project at each milestone, contains key technical parameters, and captures the estimated and actual costs in a WBS structure. The CADRe provides historical record of cost, schedule, and technical project attributes so that estimators can better estimate future analogous projects.

CADRe PART A: Describes a NASA project at each milestone (SRR, PDR, CDR Launch and End of Mission), and describes significant changes that have occurred.

CADRe PART B: Contains standardized templates to capture key technical parameters that are considered to drive cost. (e.g. Mass, Power, Data Rates, etc.)

CADRe PART C: Captures the NASA project's Cost Estimate and actual life cycle costs within the project's and a NASA Cost Estimating Work Breakdown Structures (WBS).

ONCE (One NASA Cost Engineering) is a web based database that provides controlled access to the CADRe data and information. Automated search and query of CADRe information is available via the ONCE database. The data stored in ONCE mimicks the CADRe templates - Parts A, B, and C. CADRe developers are able to quickly upload the documents and information and customized reporting is available for analysts and users.

CADRe information is uploaded into ONCE by CADRe developers. The goal of ONCE is to make available the information from CADRe in a way that can enable users and analysts to quickly search, retrieve, and report data for analysis. Customizable and canned reports are available from ONCE. Once a CADRe is completed, it is uploaded into ONCE.

Below are additional links and information on CADRe and ONCE

ONCE website - https://oncedata.msfc.nasa.gov
CADRe Overview - CADRe Brochure
Request Access - ONCE Access Request

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