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CAD Research and Analysis

The Cost Analysis Division endeavors to push the state-of-the-art by supporting and managing research activities. This page contains the completed research activities for others to view and read. Research is grouped by year of completion and links are provided to final papers and outbriefs. CAD thanks each author for their hard work and hopes that this page will serve to recognize and promote their efforts.


Estimating Cost of Class D Payloads and Missions
Authors : Galorath, NASA PCEC Team, NASA NICM Team, and SOMA, NASA LaRC
Final Outbrief



Schedule Topology Complexity
Author: Eric Druker, Matt Pitlyk, Booz Allen Hamilton
- Final Outbrief

Cost & Schedule Uncertainty Analysis in Support of JCL
Authors: Darren Elliott, Tecolote Research; Charles Hunt, NASA HQ
- Final Outbrief

NASA Mass Growth Analysis
Authors: Vincent Larouche, Darren Elliott, Tecolote Research; James K Johnson, NASA HQ
- Final Outbrief​


Analytic Method for Probabilistic Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Author: Ray Covert, Covarus LLC.
- Final Paper
- Final Outbrief

Phasing Estimating Relationships
Authors: Darren Elliott, Tecolote Research; Erik Burgess, Chad Krause, Jan Sterbutzel, Burgess Consulting
- Final Outbrief

Probabilistic Mass Growth Uncertainties
Authors: Eric Plumer, NASA; Matt Blocker, Antonio Rippe, Tecolote Research
- Final Outbrief

Probabilistic Schedule Allocation
Authors: Param Nair, Charles Hunt, NASA; Darren Elliott, Matt Blocker, Tecolote Research
- Final Outbrief

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