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CAD Models & Tools

The Cost Analysis Division provides models and tools to the entire NASA community. By providing estimators and analysts with the latest in modeling, CAD strives to progress the entire field within NASA to better support current and future missions. Models and tools are often provided free-of-charge and may be developed entirely in-house by NASA employees, or licensed from commercial vendors. Below is a listing of the most commonly used and distributed models.

In-House Models & Tools 

NAFCOM – NASA Air Force Cost Model (discontinued)
NAFCOM is a parametric estimating tool for space hardware based on historical NASA and Air Force space projects.
POC: Andy Prince, MSFC, Andy.Prince@nasa.gov

NICM – NASA Instrument Cost Model
NICM is a parametric estimating tool for instrumentation based on historical NASA projects.
POC: James K. Johnson, James.K.Johnson@nasa.gov

ONCE/CADRe – ONCE NASA Cost Estimating Database and the Cost Analysis Data Requirements
CADRe is a formal data collection process conducted by CAD and ONCE is a database of this and other information.
POC: Eric Plumer, NASA HQ

PCEC – Project Cost Estimating Capability
PCEC is a detailed library of estimating methodologies and a transparent framework for developing project cost estimates.  PCEC contains the most current NASA CERs across a wide variety of WBS elements. 
POC: Andy Prince, MSFC, Andy.Prince@nasa.gov

Commercial Models & Tools

ACEIT – Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools Company: Tecolote Research, Inc.
Description: ACEIT is a family of applications, including JACS, that support program managers and cost/financial analysts during all phases of a program's life-cycle
POC:  aceit_support@tecolote.com
NASA Access Instructions:  Download via ONCE or request via email to CAD

: Booz Allen Hamilton
Description: The next generation of program analysis software. Polaris™ not only helps you fully integrate a program’s cost, schedule, and risk variables, but also runs simulations at the speed at which decisions are made, making your organization smarter
Website: http://www.boozallen.com/consulting/products/software/polaris
POC:  polaris@bah.com
NASA Access Instructions:  Download via ONCE or directly from BAH and register via email

PRICE Systems, LLC.
Description: PRICE Cost Models are based on historic project data verified and validated by extensive PRICE® Research™ analysis and refinement and PRICE True Planning is a cost estimating framework designed to reduce the time and expense required to satisfy credible, data-driven parametric estimating needs at all levels of an organization.
Website: http://www.pricesystems.com
POC:  Charles.D.Hunt@nasa.gov
NASA Access Instructions:  Request via email to CAD

Company: Galorath Inc.
Description: SEER by Galorath project management tools provide project planning, project estimating, project tracking, and project cost management software for Software, Hardware and Electronics Systems, Manufacturing, and Information Technology.
Website: http://www.galorath.com
POC:  Charles.D.Hunt@nasa.gov
NASA Access Instructions:  Request via email to CAD

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