As part of the legal functional management team, the General Law Practice Group provides leadership in the areas of ethics, fiscal law, environmental law, personnel and labor law, civil rights and equal employment law, information disclosure law, safety and security law, alien residence issues, memoranda of understanding and other agreements, and other administrative law matters in furtherance of NASA's strategic goals.

    The Practice Group provides staff to the Administrator by providing legal advice, representing the Administrator in litigation and administrative hearings, and performing special projects.

    Finally, the Practice Group provides central services in the areas of legislation, litigation, adjudicating claims, and providing legal advice and review for Headquarters' clients. In the area of legislation, we draft annual NASA authorization bills and other legislative proposals, review legislative proposals developed externally for legal sufficiency and agency-wide impacts, and review testimony and statements of Administration position for consistency with NASA policy and strategic goals. Staff of the Practice Group represents NASA in administrative and judicial litigation that arises from a Headquarters' activity within our substantive areas of expertise. We also adjudicate claims arising from Headquarters' activities. The Practice Group is responsible for managing NASA's ethics program and at Headquarters we provide ethics training, review both public and confidential financial disclosure reports, and provide ethics counseling to employees.

    Associate General Counsel R. Andrew Falcon

    Tel: 202-358-2465
    Fax: 202-358-4355
    Secretary to the Associate General Counsel Carolyn Edwards
    Paralegal Specialist vacant
    Attorney Staff: Mark Batkin
    David Barrett
    Cathy Donovan
    Shari Feinberg
    Rebecca Gilchrist
    Adam Greenstone
    Jim Reistrup
    Katie Spear
    David Stewart
    Dan Thomas

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