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Office of the General Counsel: Organization and Leadership
The Office of the General Counsel coordinates all legal efforts for NASA. The OGC is comprised of more than 170 staff working at 11 Agency sites; the leadership of this organization is based at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC.

The General Counsel, working in concert with the Deputy General Counsel, the Associate General Counsels for each practice group, the Chief Counsels at each NASA Center, and the excellent staff attorneys within the OGC, provides the Administrator and the Agency advice and counsel on all NASA legal issues.

General Counsel Michael Wholley

Deputy General Counsel Sumara M. Thompson-King

Tel: 202-358-2450
Fax: 202-358-2741
Executive Assistant

Front Office Staff
B.J. Donovan

Laura Burns, Law Librarian
Randolph Harris, Management Program Analyst