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NASA - Message from Our EO Director
December 17, 2009

I am thrilled to be working for NASA Johnson Space Center! Over the years, I have worked with a number of nationally known industry and agency leaders, corporate counsel and other professionals. I would like to think that I have helped them resolve conflict at the earliest stages, communicate and comply with legal and ethical behavior, as well as contributed to their ability to work with people not like them. In those many mediation and training sessions, I have asked many questions to help them arrive at their own conclusions about themselves and how they envision their organizations in the future. Some questions were designed to make people think about their legal obligations. Others were about whether they wanted to lead or work for an organization that tolerates insensitive or harassing behaviors. And still other questions were about what responsibilities must be taught and the competencies necessary to build a solid workplace where everyone is valued and has an important part to play in its success. In my short time here, I have already seen that the JSC team has unique talents and experience in leading human space flight and that many before me have built a solid, well-respected structure. Continuing to operate with the integrity and being good stewards of ethical values will only serve to strengthen our employee base and enhance our reputation. Only time will tell the directions ahead of us, and we envision the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity helping the JSC team resolve people problems before they become legal problems. We want to make sure that every person of every gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or status as a parent or caregiver on the JSC team understands and carries out his or her responsibilities critical to ensuring our future as the premier spaceflight center in the world!

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