Technology Areas by Centers

Check out some of the technologies and which NASA center supports them.

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    Supporting Emerging Commercial Space

    Three key themes underscore NASA's engagement with the Emerging Commercial Space sector: (1) private sector as partner rather than contractor, (2) government purchase of services instead of hardware, (3) creating broader opportunities for innovation.

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    Partnership Development

    A catalyst for leveraging limited NASA resources with outside partner resources to provide a wide range of technologies important to NASA's missions.

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    Hallmarks Video Gallery

    A collection of short videos about the successful technologies developed by researchers from small companies and other innovators through support from NASA's Office of the Chief Technologist.

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    How To Partner With NASA

    Developed by NASA for the nation was conceptualized to maximum benefit for both parties when formulating a partnership agreement. View the steps to achieving a NASA partnership.

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    Technology Transfer

    Facilitates the transfer of technology to which NASA has title for commercial application and other national benefit.

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    Intellectual Property Management

    Aggressive in-reach as well as working closely with NASA patent counsel at each of NASA's Field Centers to assess technologies for commercial likelihood as well as for likelihood of triggering subsequent partnering opportunities for adaptation of related commercial applications for NASA mission use and make patenting decisions accordingly.

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    New Innovative Partnerships

    To bring value to NASA projects and programs in support of the Agency's strategic plan in multiple areas, while at the same time advancing the interests and viability of the emerging commercial space industry.

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    Technology Innovation

    NASA seeks to create partnerships and cooperative activities with U.S. enterprises to develop technology that is applicable to NASA's mission technology needs and contributes to commercial competitiveness in global markets. Technology Innovation provides information about NASA's technology needs and opportunities, as well as interesting facts and feature articles about our successes.

  • Spinoff magazine 2011


    A service of the NASA IPP, providing NASA's premier annual publication of successful commercial and industrial applications of NASA-sponsored technology.