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Space Technology Roadmap
The integrated technology roadmap will consider a wide range of pathways to advance the nation’s current capabilities; meeting both the near term space technology needs of the NASA mission directorates, as well as the longer term Space Technology Grand Challenges. The present state of this effort is documented in NASA’s draft Space Technology Roadmap. This roadmap is an integrated set of fourteen technology area roadmaps, recommending the overall technology investment strategy and prioritization of NASA’s space technology activities. NASA developed its draft Space Technology Roadmap for use by the National Research Council (NRC) as an initial point of departure. Through an open process of community engagement, the NRC will gather input, integrate it within the Space Technology Roadmap and provide NASA with recommendations on potential future technology investments.

The Roadmap will not attempt to cover all technology work within NASA. Instead, the 14 chosen Technology Areas (TAs) will focus upon capabilities where substantial enhancements in NASA mission capabilities are needed, and where significant technology investments are anticipated.

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Space Technology Roadmap Technical Area Teams
The Space Technology Roadmap Technical Area Teams developed the draft Space Technology Roadmaps that will be used by the National Research Council.

The Roadmap Technical Area Teams are made of leading NASA experts in each technical domain.

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