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Technology Special Studies
The Office of the Chief Technologist is planning a series of technology studies led by the Strategic Integration Office to examine areas of strategic interest to the Agency. For example:
  • What are the real threats posed by in-space radiation? What are the relevant technology solutions? and How should investments in those technologies be prioritized?
  • What is a suitable process for pursuing lean development and design-to-cost for future agency technology and development activities?
This will allow the Agency to evaluate the pros and cons of pursuing various technology pathways and investment / development strategies. In most cases, providing technically comprehensive decisional information regarding such pathways will require technical investigations, trade studies or systems analyses. OCT Strategic Integration will sponsor several of these studies in parallel at any given time. It is anticipated that the majority of the actual work for each study will occur through a directed activity to the NASA field Centers. The work to support the studies at the NASA Centers will be managed through the Center Chief Technologists. Each study will likely take 3 to 9 months and complete with the delivery of a final report.