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Technology Coordination and Planning
A primary responsibility for the Office Of Chief Technologist (OCT) Strategic Integration (SI) Office is to perform coordination and integration activities for NASA technology initiatives. In some cases, it is necessary or advantageous for more than one Mission Directorate, with or without an OCT contribution, to collaborate in the development of a particular technological capability that they may all use for future missions. The collaborating Mission Directorates will bring unique capabilities or mission opportunities, that when combined offer quicker and more efficient pathways toward the successful completion of a technology. The strategic integration function within OCT will sponsor efforts across the Mission Directorates and involving the OCT Space Technology Program divisions to forge strategic technology development plans. These plans will essentially represent negotiated agreements and commitments between the Mission Directorates and OCT to address the significant technology development investments that are necessary for particularly challenging efforts. The plans will also endeavor to eliminate overlaps and bridge the gaps in the Agency’s overall technology roadmaps.

Agency Strategic Planning

OCT SI will also represent OCT in support of any Agency-level strategic planning initiatives.