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Space Technology Grand Challenges
By providing strategic guidance, the Strategic Integration (SI) Office in collaboration with Stakeholders from the Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT) Programs, Mission Directorates, and NASA Centers – and in adherence to the National Space Policy and NASA’s Strategic Plan – has identified the Space Technology Grand Challenges for space exploration, scientific discovery and national technology needs.

The Space Technology Grand Challenges are an open call for cutting-edge technological solutions that solve important space-related problems, radically improve existing capabilities or deliver new space capabilities altogether. The challenges are centered on three key themes: (1) Expand human presence in space, (2) Manage in-space resources, and (3) Enable transformational space exploration and scientific discovery. These challenges are designed to initiate thought and discussion among our nation’s innovators about future NASA missions and related national needs. The challenges will be updated to serve as a reflection and long-term measure of our nation’s space technology needs.

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